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22 Jan, 2021

No More Room in Hell: Update v1.1.1.3

Es wurde ein Update für das Spiel No More Room in Hell veröffentlicht. Die aktuelle Version: v1.1.1.3 ist nun auf alle Gameserver verfügbar.

Update Note:
- Break out from extraction preview when entering loss state
- Challenge mode: Display personal best time on create game UI
- Debug bots now require both sv_cheats and sv_lan to be '1' at all times
- Demo Support: Ensure client has received an update before auto-record
- Ducking no longer adjusts the name tag, speculative fix for misplaced tags
- Enter key now closes the "join game" screen
- Fixed "achievement_event" having invalid data key types
- Fixed add-on manager UI closing instead of requesting focus on open, if it's already active
- Fixed missing quotes to Load22 and Mag22 strings (resolves #1047)
- Fixed nukes causing a loss state when the round is already over
- Fixed particle manifest looking for missing "cig_smoke.pcf"
- Fixed several "cvar not allowed on client/server" errors
- Fixed several issues related to "nmrih_extract_preview" entity (resolves #485, #530, #1150, #1165)
- Hitting enter key during loading no longer cancels it
- Killing self by console is no longer flagged as a "custom suicide" (its purpose is to flag gunshot suicides)
- More aggressive MOTD blocking, to combat intrusive content being sent to clients
- On create game UI, default to available challenges instead of "random objectives"
- Player voice commands are now interrupted on death, pain, and drowning
- Preserved entity "nmrih_extract_preview" from reload
- Updated Steamworks API bins for dedicated servers (fixes dedicated server workshop)
- Updated the localization files
- Workshop: Don't print "download completed" on server console if an error occurred
- Workshop: Fixed temporary NMO/NAV files being removed incorrectly after publishing

22 Jan, 2021

Counter-Strike Global Offensive: Update v1.37.7.7

Es wurde ein Update für das Spiel Counter-Strike Global Offensive veröffentlicht. Die aktuelle Version: v1.37.7.7 ist nun auf alle Gameserver verfügbar.

Update Note:
- Updated to the latest version of SDL library for Linux and OSX.
- Improved loadout cards assignment logic.
- Fixed a crash when players change teams during freeze time.
- Enemy loadout card no longer provides enemy pistol.
- Fixed a rare case when an extra C4 could spawn.
- Adding official game servers in Argentina.
- Fixed settings search UI for non-Latin languages.
- Updated AK-47 | Anubis wear alpha
- Fixed issues with previous update(thanks Fnugz)
- Made glass breaking more consistent (thanks T1mure)
- Replaced and realigned textures
- Fixed some gun stuck spots (thanks JustAlex)
- Deleted upsetting bench (thanks sprunk)
- Realigned some assets (thanks fnugz)
- Deleted some cans people thought were smoke grenades
- Fixed boost spots (thanks poop)
- Reduced assets in giftspot and other general optimizations for lower end computers

9 Jan, 2021

No More Room in Hell: Jetzt verfügbar

Wir haben das Spiel No More Room in Hell in unsere Gameserver Gamecloud hinzugefügt. Auf allen Gameserver ist das Spiel nun verfügbar.


Unsere Webseite hat 465,707 Aufrufe und das Gameserver Interface beinhaltet Spiele in der Gamecloud mit 104 Benutzerdefinierten Karten. Unsere Gameserver wurden von 13,193 Spielern besucht und es sind 238 Mitglieder in unserer Steamgruppe.

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Spielerprofil: Meli



Spielerprofil: starmobile*


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Rang Spieler Punkte Land Aktivität Spielzeit
1. Meli 20,071 Österreich
19 Tage, 15 Minuten
2. starmobile* 18,450 Spanien
14 Tage, 10 Minuten
3. 10,239 Dänemark
6 Tage, 53 Minuten
4. Airborne Foxer 6,793 Schweden
6 Tage, 56 Minuten
5. nightsky_ 6,445 Niederlande
10 Tage, 43 Minuten
6. ☠ ѕєℓєηє ◕ ‿ ◕ 4,944 Türkei
3 Tage, 15 Minuten
7. major_Tom 4,849 Italien
6 Tage, 18 Minuten
8. lmfoxy3009 4,032 Russische Föderation
4 Tage, 16 Minuten
9. Hercules1984 3,979 Griechenland
2 Tage, 31 Minuten
10. Primeas 3,530 Deutschland
5 Tage, 23 Minuten
11. Uncle Pain 3,442 Russische Föderation
3 Tage, 14 Minuten
12. Disster 3,437 Czechia
2 Tage, 30 Minuten
13. Леди, но не Баг 3,384 Russische Föderation
5 Tage, 14 Minuten
14. Shadow 3,297 Ungarn
3 Tage, 29 Minuten
15. DP | OSMAN KANAT 3,262 Türkei
3 Tage, 32 Minuten

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